Ethereum Co will have the first dedicated ASIC Miner, promising a more efficient alternative to PC video cards


The main reason why the price of video cards has skyrocketed is the insatiable appetite of the CryptoMonkey "chip miners" for PC graphics accelerators, the only ones that can profitably generate virtual coins such as Ethereum and Monero. But "fun" could end lately.

In order to better understand the situation, we only have to take a look at the much-known Bitcoin coin. At its inception, it could also be generated using powerful PCs, but the emergence of more efficient ASIC Miner devices quickly brought amateurs out of the game that did not keep up with the new trends, the cost of generating Bitcoin on the PC becoming much higher than its trading value

The good news for PC gaming enthusiasts is that the price of video cards could drop to "bearable" values ​​in the second half of this year, when the launch of new mining devices is scheduled. The bad news is that in order not to be out of the game, "miners" who want to stay in business will have to invest considerable amounts in the purchase of new equipment

But the worst news could be for video card makers, the end of the GPU mining era being followed by flooding the market with second-hand video cards, much cheaper than those in stores

However, the specifications of the new ASIC Miner F3 announced by the Chinese company Bitmain leave some questions. Details such as 72GB of DDR3 memory and a three-tier motherboard configuration all point to a solution based on graphical chips, not dedicated ASICs. But optimized hardware could have a superior performance / price ratio, presenting a more efficient solution to those who generate virtual coins on an industrial scale. Thus, even if it does not stop using video cards for the purpose of generating virtual coins, the new device could make the stocks available in stores less plentiful

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