The EU Commission is not only in dispute with Apple itself, but also against the American supplier Qualcomm go the authorities. As the Commission announced today, the manufacturer of LTE chips now has to pay a severely high penalty. He is said to have violated European competition rules.

Modern vehicles contain many different components, but a large part of them are not produced directly by the manufacturers themselves, but comes from different suppliers.Smartphones look no different.The. iPhone X consists of parts from different manufacturers.For some time, now Apple and the supplier Qualcomm argue for such a component, more specifically to LTE Apple blames the US company for its Patent licenses to demand too much money. Qualcomm, in turn, responded with several lawsuits against Apple and temporarily tried to legally prohibit the import of iPhone models with LTE chips from Intel. Now the EU Commission is also involved.

Violation of competition rules

The Commission accuses the chip manufacturer of market abuse. The company has promised many of its customers, including Apple, high payments, in return, committed to, for several years, only build chips from Qualcomm in their devices. This approach violates European competition rules. "Qualcomm's behavior has deprived consumers and other businesses of choice and innovation - in a sector of huge demand and potential for innovative technologies," said EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. The European Commission now imposed a fine of 997 million euros for this infringement. Qualcomm has already announced its appeal against the sentence.

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