Eufy EverCam is a wireless surveillance camera with one year battery life

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A company has successfully raised the funds needed to develop a wireless surveillance camera. The Eufy EverCam project was funded through the Kickstarter platform. The device promises to give battery life for one year without being connected to the outlet. The battery pack has a massive capacity of 13,400 mAh.

Eufy Evercam is developed by a firm owned by the renowned Anker accessories manufacturer. The camera can record in Full HD quality and has a viewing angle of 140 degrees

Although it is wireless, EverCam does not connect directly to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands for security reasons. Instead, it connects wirelessly through its own tape to a hub connected to the Ethernet network

The content can be saved either on a microSD card (one of 16 GB included in the box) or in the cloud ($ 3 / month).

Eufy EverCam costs $ 200, promotional, and supplies will start in September this year.

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