The European Union is considering new, much stricter laws that will force social networking owners (eg, Facebook, YouTube) to remove in a maximum of 60 minutes propaganda of terrorist organizations under the pressure of appalling fines

According to information provided by the Financial Times by EU Security Commissioner Julian King in Brussels, "there has been little progress" on this issue. "

Legislation on the fight against terrorist propaganda, along with the 60-minute limit for eliminating this type of online posting, has been voted since March. However, until now, the rules were only applied voluntarily, the legislative framework allowing sanctioning companies not subject to such indications was not completed.

Keeping clean social platforms of terrorist content has become an essential priority for European governments , after terrorist attacks took place in cities such as Paris, London and Berlin

Until now, technology companies based in the United States have reacted by introducing automatic filters and manual checking of social networking posts, none of the methods being effective enough to detect all propaganda postures, or fast enough to allow them to be deleted within the 60-minute "window". Another issue is that the new legislation targets all websites in the online environment, many of them owned by companies without financial resources or possibilities for almost real-time filtering of terrorist propaganda.

In order to be put into practice , the new rules that provide for fines for companies that do not remove terrorist propaganda within 60 minutes of their emergence on proprietary online platforms must first be voted by the European Parliament and by most EU Member States

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