According to the Financial Times, commercial relations between Apple and the Qualcomm chip maker are under the shadow of an anti-competitive agreement between the two companies, where Apple is financially motivated to offer the preferential treatment to the latter.

According to investigations conducted by European authorities, Qualcomm would have paid for an agreement with Apple, where the iPhone manufacturer pledged to buy all the chipsets for communications produced between 2011-2016, thus blocking access to the competition


The new accusations come as a result of an Apple-initiated trial in 2015, accusing the chipset manufacturer of using practices that exclude competition and excessive licensing tactics of the technologies used, costing Apple billions of dollars in recent years

In the aftermath of the dispute, Qualcomm attempted to block the sale of iPhone products including Qualcomm components, demanding import ban orders for major outlets

Apple used exclusively Qualcomm chips until September 2016. The launch of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus series, equipped with Intel's modems, put an end to exclusive collaboration with Qualcomm. In the future, Apple aims to give up on Qualcomm products altogether, the following iPhone models receiving only modems provided by Intel or MediaTek

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