Eve Systems presented second-generation Eve Room HomeKit

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The air quality sensor Eve Room is now available in a new version presented. The hardware compatible with Apple’s Siri and Apple Home Kit now has a display familiar from the Eve Degree temperature sensor. In addition to improved sensor technology, the built-in and micro-USB rechargeable battery should promise sustainable benefits. The new release is now available for purchase.

Almost three months ago, Elgato announced its corporate realignment on the Apple Home Kit and gave itself the name of its Eve product line. With the new Eve Room sensor, the first update in the product family is now released. The second-generation Eve Room is a compact air quality monitor with connectivity to the Apple Home Kit and Apple Siri. Thus, measured values ​​are interrogated voice-controlled on the iPhone or Home Pod.

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The new Eve-Room hardware features a re-design with an E-Ink display and an anodized aluminum housing. State-of-the-art sensor technology should detect more reliable measured values. The improved sensor of the indoor climate monitor promises improved longevity and long-term accuracy. As before, Eve Room can be operated completely wirelessly. However, Eve Room now relies on an integrated battery that can be charged via micro USB. The integrated battery provides power for six weeks. When the battery level is low, Eve Room enters a power-saving mode and restricts measurements to temperature and humidity for the next full charge. Eve Room costs 99.95 euros, pre-orders are accepted by the Eve Online Shop and Amazon.

Healthy living atmosphere always in view: fast, precise and reliable
Eve Room uses the latest technology from the Swiss sensor specialist Sensirion. The system used to determine the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is not only extremely energy-efficient, but thanks to optimized materials, it is especially durable and long-term accurate. Air quality, temperature and humidity can be queried via the Eve app, the Apple Home app and via Siri or directly on the 1.54-inch E-Ink display, even from a distance. In order to present the most relevant parameters of a room compactly, four different screen layouts are available, which can be selected via touch-sensitive buttons on the front panel. !

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