Exclusive now: Create iPhone Backup with AnyTrans

Exclusive now: Create iPhone Backup with AnyTrans

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The final release of iOS 12 is not far off And even if the update of operating systems often runs smoothly, you should make preparations and make a backup of his iPhone and iPad. AnyTrans provides such a backup and offers many other useful features. Exclusively for Mac Life readers, the full version of AnyTrans is currently available for free.
Apple offers several options for backing up an iPhone. Thus, the data of your own smartphone can be secured on the iCloud or classic iTunes on a Mac or PC. But if you do not want to save your backup in a cloud and have not had good experiences with iTunes, your hands are bound. Luckily, there are third-party software that can back up and offer significantly more features than iTunes and the iCloud.

AnyTrans backs up and clones devices

Using the for Mac Life Reader's latest full version of AnyTrans allows you to transfer individual files or complete backups to your Mac or PC via Wi-Fi or USB cable. This can be photos, videos, contacts, music, etc. transferred to the computer, or from this on her iPhone. If two devices are connected to a computer at the same time, the data can be transferred from one device to the second - the devices are virtually cloned. And content from iTunes backups already made can be selectively exported. For example, old message histories can be specifically restored. Also very convenient: Cloud services can be easily managed with AnyTrans and synchronized with iPhone and Mac.

Overview of all functions

Synchronizing photos, contacts and messages.

With AnyTrans, you can easily move photos, contacts and messages between your computer and iPhone and iPad. With just a few clicks you can select the appropriate files and even access the entire iOS file system and manage all the data.

Music without iTunes

You can only stream music on your iPhone or iTunes transfer the device. With AnyTrans you can bypass iTunes and get a real alternative to managing music and playlists.

Download Web Videos Directly to iPhone

AnyTrans even lets you download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms. The videos are converted to the correct file format after download and then synced to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad for offline viewing. Easier it almost does not work.

Extracting individual data from the iTunes backup

You have already created older backups with iTunes and now you want to restore individual images or other files from them. While iTunes does not offer this capability, AnyTrans can export individual files from the backup.

Android to iOS data

You're transitioning from an Android smartphone to an iPhone? AnyTrans can be of great help to you, as well as copy individual or all data from Android to iOS.

Download AnyTrans for free

For Mac Life readers, AnyTrans is currently available as a free download. The program is available for macOS and Windows and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Just follow the links below:

Free Full Version for macOS

Free Full Version for Windows

Download Link

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