Experiment with Two News Feed on Facebook Failed


Last autumn, Facebook launched an experiment on user profiles across multiple countries. It separates the normal news stream into two separate tabs, one for friends and one for the pages users are tracking, called Explore. It seems, however, that only four months away, the company decided to stop this separation and bring the thing to normal as the user experience offered was considered inferior

The motivation behind separating the News Feed into two separate entities was trying to create closer relationships and more interactions between Facebook users. It seems, however, that many of them did not appreciate the content published by the friends on the list, the experiment leading to fewer reactions and interactions. At the same time, for those who did not participate in the experiment, Facebook dropped the number of articles from pages they see in News Feed.

Now that Explore Fusion will disappear, the company will try to fix the "bad" made in the last few months. One of the points to work with is how changes in the service will be communicated to users. Changing the News Feed was not understood by many users, very few were accessing the Explore section, which had to contain the content they considered "interesting."

Fortunately, the test was run in only six countries, so most of those who use Facebook were not affected

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