Face detection in Samsung Galaxy S9 bad

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Apple has an e. with Face ID and the TrueDepth camera published facial recognition system. Analysts consider this a big hit. Some of them even hinted that Apple was two and a half years ahead of the competition.

Face Recognition in the Galaxy S9 Still Bad

That there is indeed some truth to the claim can be seen when compared with the competition. For now Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is here and security experts have scrutinized its face recognition.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 were able to outsmart the facial recognition by printing on paper and by video the person on another Device were played. That has not changed in the Galaxy S9. First findings show that Samsung apparently only wanted to keep up with the recognition speed with Face ID. IT specialists are teasing that it’s no fun to outsmart the same system again. Samsung sells the simple operability with poor security, is the conclusion.

Galaxy S9 with light and shadow

The Galaxy S9 is more of a device, where you pay close attention should be what you want. Because the camera of the Android flagship is currently the best on the market. The processor used in the European models, however, can not even compete with the iPhone 7 in benchmarks. But the device should again have the best smartphone display. So if you can do without facial recognition and performance is of secondary importance, you will not get a bad device.

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