Face ID will also come on the iPad. iOS 12 already includes software compatible with 3D tablet scanners

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The rumors about a Face ID Apple tablet have appeared since I saw the iPhone X, but we have only quite clear evidence that it will come in the near future. Since iOS 12 is now both in the hands of application developers and in the hands of anxious users, the operating system is "dissected" for information about new devices, so somewhere there have to be clues about new devices. It looks like Animoji has released a new iPad equipped with a True Depth camera

Application developer Steve Troughton-Smith posted on his Twitter account a version of the Animoji interface that he found in the iOS 12 development for an iPad tablet. Since Animoji is a function closely related to the True Depth camera and can record such animated messages exclusively on an iPhone X at this time, it would logically be like the iPad that will receive this feature to integrate this component , alongside the Face ID security system

Interestingly, the top bar is very similar to the one on the iPhone X with the left clock and battery indicator to the right, suggesting that the iPads will also have a top-off display to make room for the new sensors . This suggests at the same time that we will probably have to deal with the most compact, large-screen iPad tablet with the highest display / body ratio

It's not hard to guess what tablet is. The new sixth generation iPad was released just a few months ago, and the iPad Pro has not received any hardware updates for over a year. Thus, a 10.5 "iPad Pro in a smaller body and a 12.9" iPad Pro with Face ID and cut-off screens would not be out of the ordinary.

It's hard to see a release date or a price for these models, but generally, Apple tablets are presented in autumn about a month away from the launch of the new generation of iPhone, sometimes alongside a new Apple Watch or new MacBook Laptops

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