Facebook against payment – conceivable?

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Fa cebook always free?

Mark Zuckerberg bravely lobbies before the US Congress. The Facebook boss emphasizes that there will always be a free version of the social network. Does he imply that the company now wants to make a virtue of the plight of the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica? Is there a payment option from Facebook?

Before the US Congress, Zuckerberg confirmed that certain people express such thoughts. It is certainly not a bad idea. But the free version of FB is still the best solution.

Opt-out only for a fee?

Sheryl Sandberg, who directs the company’s operations (COO), was interviewed NBC clearer, but also only indirectly. Sandburg was asked whether the user of the social network has the opportunity to completely contradict the disclosure of his data.

He really did not have that. There are ways to counteract certain data-sharing features. But a complete opt-out would be a “paid product”.

Facebook cheaper than Netflix?

According to statistics, Facebook currently earns around $ 7 per user in the US. At about this price, the company would probably ask for a paid version. It would even have to charge that price so that it does not fare worse with a paid version than the free, ad-supported version of the social network.

With such a price per month, the network would be cheaper than the video-on-demand Offer Netflix. This currently costs $ 13 per month.

Would you really pay for Facebook?

But the public debate that demands privacy forgets the individual user. Would you be seriously prepared to pay 5 to 10 euros a month for the social network offer? Presumably, there are far fewer users who would be willing to take this step.

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