Facebook and Apple agree on Paywall

Digital journalism is still experimenting with different ways which forms to earn money with content on the internet. From complete financing through advertising, to payment barriers, basically everything is represented. As of last year, Facebook also makes it possible to offer paid articles via the social network as part of its instant-article function. Facebook wanted to help journalism and give the revenue to one hundred percent to the publisher.

Implementing a payment system via your own website is no problem for Facebook. But in the apps for smartphones, the manufacturers of the operating systems usually want to earn on subscriptions and in-app purchases. Facebook and Google were able to agree quite quickly, on Android fall for Facebook no fees if a user subscribes. However, Apple usually retains 30 percent commission, far too much for Facebook.

As the Recode reports, Facebook has now reached an agreement on Apple's ongoing negotiations since the fall. From 1 March, it should be possible to offer journalistic payment content on iOS. How much Apple now earns on these transactions, and how far Facebook could reduce the 30 percent commission, the two companies do not reveal.

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