Facebook censored, for nudity, the image of a statue dating from the Paleolithic

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The Facebook social network has removed from its influx of information the photograph of a Paleolithic Venus, a 30,000-year-old sculpture, informs Mediafax.

After censoring the famous "L'origine du monde" by Gustave Courbet and the Little Mermaid sculpture on a rock in the port of Copenhagen, Facebook did the same thing as the image of this sculpture, the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, where Venus of Willendorf, which is considered a masterpiece of paleolithic art, is exposed

The statuette is a voluptuous and naked female figure and was discovered in the Austrian village from which it received its name at the beginning of the 20th century. According to the museum, the statue "is the prehistoric representation of the most popular and known woman in the world."

The Facebook network has suppressed its image from a message published by an Italian art activist Laura Ghianda at the end of December, the museum's representatives said in an article published in the article published by Art Newspaper for AFP

But the museum's representatives have also said that the institution has never been directly affected by Facebook censorship, especially since there is a recent message on its account of "pornography in the Stone Age."

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Facebook is regularly criticized for the content it authorizes or not to broadcast.

On March 15th, French justice has to rule on the case of an intern who sued Facebook for closing his account after he published the image of a famous Gustave Courbet painting, L'origine du Monde, illustrating the intimate parts of a woman.

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