Facebook does not use the device microphone to listen to private conversations

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Invited to a marathon hearing in front of the US Senate, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to a long series of questions about how the social network he runs gets and uses user information

Among the topics the Facebook head had to address were rumors that the social network would use device microphones to listen to user conversations by reacting to keywords to deliver personalized ads. Zuckerberg has firmly denied that Facebook would "listen" through device microphones while their owners have private discussions

But things are a little different when it comes to voluntarily uploading video clips on the Facebook network. According to Mark Zuckerberg's explanations, Facebook applies some checks and optimizations for the sound attached to video clips in order to improve the quality of the service they offer.

Faced with rumors that Facebook would "listen" to conversations between users via text messaging to serve personalized ads, Zuckerberg departed little from the subject of the discussion by providing a touching response to the WhatsApp network and how communications encryption technologies make it impossible to intercept message exchanges.

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