Facebook expands the "Snooze" button, which lets you stop notifications for posts and topics you are not interested in


It can happen to anyone. Leave a comment posting a friend on Facebook and it all turns into an endless conversation, announced with alerts for each new added message. The situation is repeated in the same scenario and in the case of comments left for news distributed on Facebook by various publications.

As of Wednesday, Facebook began testing a new setting to temporarily stop the notification messages.

Snooze, the option available since December, allows to stop notifications for the discussions we have been attending, but we are no longer interested in, for up to 30 days. Expanded, Keyword Snooze allows you to filter all posts based on keywords that contain the word that passes unnoticed.

Currently, the feature is tested with a low number of users in the United States and a few other countries, but will be available to all network users since the second half of this year.

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