Facebook Groups Administrators Can Publish Premium Content, Affordable Subscription

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After launching a streaming video service that can rival the YouTube giant, Facebook is trying to create a new way to monetize content on the social networking site, exclusive to groups. Facebook group administrators will be able to create "premium" sections where exclusive articles and materials can be published to which users will only be able to access by paying a monthly subscription

It seems that this monetization method is a response to practices that certain Facebook groups are already doing, using their own money transfer systems and member tracking. Thus, with the ability to pay via Facebook, group administrators can keep the entire community in one place without having to open a separate group for "payers." The content behind the subscription is available in a separate tab in the group interface, only subscribers can access this new "zone."

At this time, only certain groups selected by Facebook will have access to the monetization of the published content, and the monthly subscription can be set for between US $ 5 and US $ 30 (perhaps EUR 5 to EUR). Payment is made exclusively through iOS or Android mobile apps, and Apple and Google keep between 15% and 30% of the cost of the patch, depending on the subscription duration (monthly or yearly). Facebook does not currently receive part of these amounts, but may start to charge these subscriptions in the future

The Facebook Groups platform now has over 1 billion active users. Since the experiment showing ads in groups was stopped two years ago and never reached public groups, it was only a matter of time until Facebook found a way to monetize this functionality even though it does not make money right now .

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