Facebook introduces Premieres, a sort of live stream for pre-recorded clips

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Facebook is one of the companies that changes their services the most depending on how users use them, but these moves are not always the fastest. Many publishers have previously used live platform functionality to transmit pre-recorded clips, such as some shows, but this process was complicated, involving a powerful computer and live streaming software. Thus, Facebook integrates this functionality directly into the platform and calls it "Premieres."

The premiere will work as a cinema premiere. The user (currently Premieres will only be available on pages) uploads a video that he schedules to appear at a certain time as a live stream. All "viewers" view the clip at the same time, their comments flowing in real-time streaming like a live one. At the end, the clip is archived and is available for tracking again on "on demand."

This concept is one that is mainly used on television, most of which are recorded several days before and then broadcast live on the program. In addition to programs, Facebook believes that this functionality will help many industries, including film, that can instantly launch a new movie trailer that will automatically appear in users' newsfeed or notifications, if they they watch the movie or the studio that produces it.

Last but not least, Facebook has been focusing lately on making its own original content. Already there are plans to build a Facebook-based comedy and horror series, so they're likely to be launched via the Premieres.

At the moment, Premieres is available for a limited number of content creators selected by Facebook, and will be available for more pages in the near future.

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