Facebook is testing the Downvote button, a response to fake news, spam and offensive messages

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Following reports from Facebook users in the United States who noticed that they now have a button called "Downvote", the company has had to provide official statements about it. Despite the fact that a button with such a name might suggest that we finally receive the "Dislike" button on Mark Zuckerberg's social networking site, the truth is that its purpose is rather to ease the reporting of inappropriate articles or comments

Facebook has confirmed that the "Downvote" button is in tests for a limited number of users. This is about 5% of those who use the Facebook app on Android in the United States and have English default. They can see the Downvote button next to the Like and Reply buttons on public posts or comments on these posts. Pressing Downvote hides the comment or article and offers three new options: offensive, misleading, or off topic

So Facebook can investigate the nature of the content. For example, those categorized as "offensive" could include racist messages, pornography, or other things that might offend users, while the misleading tag could be attributed to fake news. Off topic should not necessarily require Facebook intervention in public discussions, but it is possible to find "posts" that are committed to publishing spam messages

The Downvote button will not be available for content published by groups, pages of public folders, or user pages. These are currently only available on page views for both original and comment posts. This button may expand in the future if the test proves to be successful. Last but not least, downvotes are not publicly counted, and the downvote is not announced

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