Facebook may forbid promotion of "unserious" companies by displaying advertisements on social networking pages

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Facebook users will be able to report companies they are dissatisfied with by purchasing a promoted product or service using ad banners displayed on social network pages

As with regular posts, if enough users send reports about a company's activity, and abuses are claimed to be in violation of the social networking guidelines, those ads will be blocked from display and the company that they have ordered might have blocked access to Facebook promotion

Social network administrators hope to reduce the number of negative user experiences. The process of evaluating advertisers takes into account key issues such as delivery times and product quality, the use of misleading advertisements promoting products that do not meet expectations, and the number of complaints received from frustrated buyers disturbed by quality services as a whole.

When the number of complaints is alarmingly high, Facebook will first inform the target companies, providing details of issues that cause consumer dissatisfaction. If the reported problems are not resolved within a reasonable time frame, Facebook may proceed to sanctioning the respective companies by going down to banning access to the promotion platform.

Although it may not be effective against companies set up specifically to serve as a front in illegal activities, reporting of advertisements could motivate active companies in the long run to improve their service quality and give up abusive practices

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