Facebook Messenger for Mobile will be simplified in 2018


Facebook has turned Messenger into a standalone platform, raising certain features up the page than simply messaging. We now have the opportunity to publish stories such as Snapchat and Instagram, we have the ability to play various games and other advanced imaging capabilities such as 3D filters and colorful stickers. With the launch of the Messeneger Lite version, which gives up all these fireworks, many users have dropped the main application, and Facebook promises to simplify this version again

2018 will be the year when Facebook Messenger returns to its old habits: providing a simple and fast instant messaging service. The company's representatives have admitted that the application has become very crowded lately, and some features are not used very often by users, so they can be removed or replaced with more interesting ones

Of course, we can only guess what changes are being prepared for Facebook Messenger at the moment, as no formal statements have been made in this regard. Considering how unpopular the daily posts are in the "My Day" tab, it will probably be the first to disappear. The games, although they are a new addition to the app, do not seem to be as popular as they expected from Facebook, so it would be an extra step towards simplifying the removal of this tab

Facebook Messenger could become an intuitive application again for users, and those with older devices will no longer have to wait so long to load the app (on an iPhone 6 Plus with not just nine batteries, it could take 10- 15 seconds to load the application at first run.)

The announcement was made in an article published by David Marcus from Facebook, which mentions other trends for this service in 2018 such as improving customer service, improving camera functions, improving voice and video communication services, and using the platform for marketing purposes for businesses.

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