Facebook Messenger receives automatic message translation

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Inconvenient conversations with friends and business contacts of a different nationality will be a thing of the past for Facebook Messenger users, with the mobile app coming to offer real time translation of messaging

The updated version of the application will first be delivered to users in the United States and Mexico, and other international languages ​​will be supported soon

At the moment, limited to Spanish and English, the Facebook Messenger automatic translation feature is available simultaneously to all participants, each receiving translation of the message into native language. To avoid confusion in the case of inaccurate translations, both the original text and the translated version of the message are simultaneously displayed, leaving users free to resort to other forms of interpretation to clarify the situation

Unfortunately, for translations in languages ​​other than those supported by the application, Facebook Messenger users have to download the text into another translation application (eg Google Translate) using copy / paste operations

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