Facebook Messenger Receives New Valentine's Day Features


On Valentine's Day, Facebook updates the Messenger platform with a host of new features for those who activate the "in a relationship" feature on the social network. New capabilities will only appear for those who engage in a relationship since today and will remain active from now on. However, their nature suggests that they are directed to a younger audience using the Snapchat style messaging application

When two users set their relationship status, they receive a notification on Facebook Messenger that opens a new chat between them. The new features include a "heart shower" that you can send as an animation to the other screen, while the network will prompt users to use dedicated customizable chat features such as custom text, emoji for discussion, and a nickname. Last but not least, in the list of friends in the "active" tab the one or the one with whom you are in a relationship will always appear first.

It is curious, however, how these capabilities will not be enabled for those who already have the relationships set on Facebook accounts. Many of the users may not even know about the chat window settings, while ranking first in the "active" tab might be a useful shortcut for many couples.

Last but not least, Facebook Messenger has also received some new filters in the Valentine's Day Messenger Camera. Camera capabilities are available for making photos you can upload for Stories as well as real-time video chat

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