Facebook Messenger will display video ads in the message box

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Facebook Messenger was until recently a fairly "clean" platform. Ignoring the interface changes that have complicated the use more than simplified it, it was one of the few social platforms to avoid advertising. One-and-a-half years ago, Facebook also started displaying ads between inbox messages, and a trial of video ads in conversation between chat rooms began on Monday

According to Stefanos Loukakos, head of Messenger's advertising division, Facebook's data collection on user behavior after posting video inbox will influence plans for the future for this platform. As Facebook has been focusing on improving the user experience lately, announcing a new interface and smarter menus at the F8 conference, integration of commercials with commercials could be considered "intrusive".

It appears, however, that "normal" ads did not affect how users used the platform at the time, so there is a possibility that most of them will completely ignore the new format. The company trusts that users will not react negatively, but is willing to give up this idea if the usage time of the application drops.

However, many users may never see these ads, especially on Android, where most users use Chat Heads functionality, which overlaps private messages over the rest of the apps. Thus, the inbox on Messenger is very rarely accessed.

Video ads on Facebook Messenger were first introduced earlier this week, but no information has been released about it before Stefanos Loukakos confirms their existence, so they are either active for a small number of users or are not currently available too many to show ads in this format on Messenger.

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