Facebook Messenger will issue alerts for incoming messages from fake accounts


Facebook is testing a new alert function that should prevent frauds by contacting Facebook Messenger users using false accounts

The scenario is simple: a malicious person creates a Facebook account that assigns the same profile picture and name to a trusted person from the victim's contact list, then treats it as if it were the person

Until now, one of the few clues about the attempted deception was the reception of a new friendship request from the seemingly known person, accepted in most cases without much suspicion. Once in a conversation with the chosen victim, an experienced offender can get information to help commit house theft or even persuade the victim to transfer large amounts of money (eg by accident method)

Trying to stop this phenomenon, Facebook will automatically check your incoming messaging requests from unknown Messenger accounts, taking into account issues such as the lack of a Facebook account associated with you, or registering your account using a phone number from another country . Similarly, Facebook will check if the login request is made with an identical or similar name to one of the existing contacts already in the contact list

Suspicious Facebook Messenger login requests will not be blocked automatically, but users will be alerted to the person's uncertain identity and advised to act with caution

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