Facebook modifies the publishing of electoral ads

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Facebook is in the limelight more than it would have wanted, the problems that led to this situation being multiple. On the one hand, we are dealing with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, on the other hand with the Russian ads that have interfered with the elections in the United States. While the first situation is in a continuous investigation, the second one begins to receive a solution by introducing new rules for publishing commercial advertisements.

Currently, these rules are only in place in the United States, but they are likely to be available in other regions as many countries have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way Facebook allowed anyone to display any kind of advertising . Changes make the process of publishing and approving ads more complicated, requiring documents from the country where the ad will run and a physical address.

The administrator of the page as well as the administrator of the advertising account will have to provide proof of identity by uploading a photo with a personal act issued by the US State but also provide a valid address where it will receive an approval code that only works on the administrator accounts . This process will check both the identity of advertisers and confirm that they are not political actors abroad. Furthermore, they will need to disclose the source of the funding, such as the company, organization or person paying for these advertisements.

The ad approval process will be done manually, and if they are not approved, there is no limit of testing (if some documents are inappropriate, the images are not clear, etc.). If your ads undergo changes after publishing, each change will need to be re-approved manually by a Facebook employee.

What Facebook will not do is check whether the ad is compliant with the electoral laws or other laws in force. Those who publish election ads in America have the duty to observe US law

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