Facebook offered access to users and companies like Samsung, Apple or Microsoft

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Facebook had data sharing agreements with at least 60 manufacturers of technology devices and many of them are still in place

According to Gandul, quoting The New York Times, Apple, Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft have been among the companies that have benefited from Facebook user data over the past decade. Without an explicit agreement, technology manufacturers had access to their users 'and friends' data, even when Facebook said it would not provide such information.

Facebook denies the accusations in a statement. According to the quoted source, data-sharing actions have been a problem since 2012.

"This was reported internally as a privacy issue," said Sandy Parakilas, who led the Facebook privacy survey. "It is shocking that this practice has not been abandoned six years later and it seems to contradict Facebook's testimony at Congress that all permissions related to friends' data have been disabled."

The Times wrote that some technological giants had access to user data, such as the status of the relationship, religion, political affiliation, and events they take part in. Journalists also found that user friends' data can be accessed even if data sharing is disabled

According to The Times, most partnerships remain in place, while some have ended in April 2018. "These partners have signed agreements that prevent Facebook users from being used for purposes other than social network experimentation "Said Ime Archibong, vice president of Facebook partnerships. "Contrary to the New York Times article, friends' information, such as photos, was available on devices ONLY when people wanted it, namely to share information between friends. We do not know any abuse of these companies. "

Archibong also said that due to the rise of iOS and Android, fewer people rely on the direct Facebook experience these companies have provided in the past, and that is why the social network has begun to give up partnerships since April, canceling 22 partnerships currently

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