Facebook offers rewards up to $ 40,000 for discovery of other Cambridge Analytica cases

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Those who discover ways in which third parties abuse user Facebook data can receive rewards up to $ 40,000.

The new program is called "Data Abuse Bounty" and was released as a result of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In order to be rewarded, hunters must provide clear evidence of cases where apps collect data from Facebook and transfer them to another entity for sale, use for scams or political propaganda

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The Company undertakes to close the respective applications, initiate legal proceedings against them and inform those affected by the incidents.

The lowest reward that can be received in this program is $ 500. There is no maximum threshold but, according to CNBC, Facebook promises to pay up to $ 40,000.

The company also has other programs through which it provides rewards for discovering vulnerabilities or issues related to the proper operation of Facebook services.

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