Facebook Postpones Plans to Launch Intelligent Speakers


If so far, Facebook believes it is a good time to launch an intelligent speaker that will be active all the time and listen to everything around it, following the recent data collection scandal, the company will slow down this project to reassess the implications of a such device. Of course, the intelligent speaker from Facebook was not officially announced, but people close to the subject say that the scheduled launch for this fall could be postponed

According to Bloomberg, Facebook believes that this scandal will still be too recent to ask users to trust a device that tracks all their movements in such a personal space. The disclosure of such a device would take place at the F8 conference held in May with a scheduled launch at the end of the year

Bloomberg also reported last year that Facebook is working on several such devices, one of them being codenamed "Aloha" and going to be launched under the name "Portal". It would have been a large screen, similar to the Amazon Echo Show, which would offer the opportunity to interact with the social networking both by touching and by voice control. Along with this, an intelligent speaker that listens to everything around it, similar to Amazon Echo, could have accessed a virtual assistant that performs various functions and interact with smart home systems.

Perhaps, depending on the results of both US and European surveys on Cambridge Analytica data collected through Facebook, the company will decide whether or not to continue the smart home appliance design, and if it will launch, perhaps that it will integrate many intimacy protection features to ensure that it will not be in a similar situation in the future

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