Facebook presents new details about Oculus Go. The VR device is produced in partnership with Xiaomi


During the CES 2018 announcement avalanche, Facebook decided to release new details about its new virtual reality headset, Oculus Go. It was announced in autumn last year, but I did not know much about it except it would be standalone, running without a smartphone or computer and that the list price would be only $ 199. It seems that in the meantime, Facebook has also found a partner for hardware: the famous Xiaomi Chinese producer

Facebook and Xiaomi have revealed that they are working together to develop Oculus Go, a device that will have a "twin brother" in China that will be sold under the Xiaomi brand. The Chinese market model is called Mi VR Standalone and is identical in design and capabilities, the only differences being the logos on the case and the software platform used.

We all expected Oculus Go to see a high-end chipset in 2017, like Snapdragon 835, but the two companies concluded that the Snapdragon 821 will do pretty well for the virtual reality applications I'm preparing . The use of an older platform (model 821 launched in 2016) ensures the ability to reach the $ 200 price, especially considering what other technologies are integrated into the device

We have to deal with an LCD-based "2.5K" LCD display, new generation lens enhancements to those of other previous VRs, an integrated surround sound system and a wireless controller with a tactile touch pad and a few buttons for application control. Those who do not want the Oculus Go sound to be heard outdoors will be able to connect any pair of headphones via the 3.5mm jack

Oculus Go will work with the Oculus Store platform, already available in the mobile space on Samsung devices equipped with the Gear VR accessory, while the Mi VR Standalone will use the Xiaomi-owned store that receives a separate set of application tools called the Mi VR SDK . Among the unknowns in the Oculus VR equation is still the release date.

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