Facebook proposes synchronizing Messenger contacts with Instagram network, creating discontent among users

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Facebook promotes a new feature that involves synchronizing the Instagram contact list with Messenger, allowing Instagram users to communicate on Facebook Messenger and vice versa

Connect Instagram "appears in the Messenger People tab and adds to sync existing contacts in your mobile phone memory. The problem is that once activated using the Instagram contacts import button in the Messenger application, the process can not be interrupted and the effects are permanent

Thus, in addition to importing all Instagram contacts, users will also notice that the name and address Instagram became immediately visible to everyone in your Facebook Messenger contact list. Easily intuitive, the news does not do well for those who want to keep the photos uploaded on Instagram as far as the looks of their work colleagues, relatives or business partners.

Faced with the accomplished fact, Messenger users who want to, and hiding the activity on Instagram of indiscreet looks can only set up their account in Private mode and find an excuse to refuse login requests from new friends discovered on the Facebook network

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