Facebook 's "enemies" returned after you blocked them? Here is the reason

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Particularly useful at times when we want to break the Facebook connection with people who have become uncomfortable, Block makes our own user account virtually invisible to Facebook opponents whose identity is permanently on a black list along with all the blocked people above.

But sometimes some contacts in the restricted list of accounts are unblocked without asking for it, the first hints about "escape" being the attempts of those to contact us or interact with the posts left on Facebook

The source of the problem is a bug that affected about 800,000 Facebook users, unlocking at least one of their restricted accounts. Maybe May 5, the error did not cause the restrained users to re-enter the list of friends, many of them even realizing that they can contact people with whom they have broken links in the social network again

However, posts that would otherwise have been hidden from News Feed became noticeable if they received Like or were redistributed by common friends. Those still interested in that person were also able to resubmit friendship requests, perhaps believing that disabling the Block option means returning to better thoughts. Even more unpleasant, "unblocked" users could send Facebook Messenger messages back to people who have previously stopped contacting

Meanwhile, Facebook representatives assure that all reported issues have been resolved, all user accounts that were erroneously removed from the Block list are being restrained under this ban

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