Facebook: saving battery and data volume – Here’s how it works

In recent months, we have reported several times about so-called “Akkufresser.” A very special and extremely popular is the Facebook app, always in the negative Even if we have repeatedly given smaller tips on saving batteries, we would like to give you six good advices today.

. 1 Forbid the Facebook app from the background update and access to the site

In some software versions, the Facebook app still defied the ban in the background to update, but with the newer versions, this problem was resolved. However, not only the background update has a large share of the increased battery consumption, but also the localization service. Therefore, we recommend that you deactivate both functions.

Go to the settings of the iPhone and open the menu item “Facebook”. Then go to the “Location” option and set the permission to “Never” or “When using the app”. Return to the last menu and drag the slider next to “Background Update” to the left. Now you have disabled the first power guzzlers.

. 2 Turn Off Messages

Anyone who has a lot of friends on Facebook can barely save themselves some time from messages. It is therefore worth again to check the notification settings of the app, because even this can save precious battery and doubly. After all, not only the reception of the messages costs energy, but experience shows that you are often tempted to open the app. So if you get fewer messages, you will also less often open the app.

To turn off messages, go to Settings> Facebook> Messaging. Slide the slider to the left next to “Allow messages” and you will no longer receive messages.

3. Close the Facebook app completely

Even though Apple’s Craig Federighi advised against completely closing apps, the Facebook app has the positive effect of saving some battery power. So in the future, do not just press the Home button to put the app in the background. Quickly press the Home button twice to enter the multitasking view and swipe the Facebook app upwards.

. 4 Please delete and reinstall the app from time to time

Facebook stores videos, pictures, and many other data on your iOS device, so it requires a lot of memory over time. To prevent this, you should uninstall the Facebook app every now and then in the simplest case and then download again. This speeds up the app and saves battery.

. 5 Turn Off Video Autoplay

Some time ago, Apple introduced automatic video playback – unfortunately on mobile devices as well. This can cost not only valuable data volume and storage space, but also battery life. We therefore recommend the complete shutdown of the function.

To do this, open the Facbook app and tap the icon with the three lines at the bottom right of the screen. Then search for “Settings” and confirm your input with Tip on “Account Settings”. Now go to “Video and Photos”> “Autoplay Videos” and select “Never play videos automatically”.

. 6 Deposit the Website on the Home Screen

The real professional way to use less battery is to uninstall the Facebook app and replace it with the link to the website. With this you clear out all the above problems and save a lot of battery power. So throw the Facebook app from your iOS devices and open facebook.com in the Safari browser. Now tap on the “Share” icon and select “To Home Screen” in the bottom row. Now give it a name, tap “Add” and you can quickly access Facebook from your home screen without having to install the app.

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