Facebook started the fight against fake news and clickbait in Romania

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Facebook announces that the program to protect users of "fake news" and "clickbait" content has also reached Romania. After a long period of testing on the English version of the social network, this initiative is now extended to Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek and Hindi. In fact, Facebook will automatically detect this type of content and will "hide" it more often from users' news stream

According to the press release, Facebook has taken into account users' complaints, which have reported many fake news and clickbait articles that try to trick the user to click on the link. Facebook believes that taking action against this content time, the community using social networking could be better informed

Changes in the News Feed apply only to titles that distort the information or omit essential details that could mislead users. Also titles that exaggerate details using sensational language will be more rarely displayed on Facebook

Changes have already been in place since yesterday, July 11, so you should already see the changes on your own profiles. This is just one of the changes Facebook has taken over the last two years. It all started after the allegations around the presidential election in the United States, which could have been influenced by fake news and commercials paid by foreign actors

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