Facebook will add a new section to your mobile app, where you can see exactly how long you spent online

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Concerned about how users spend too much time on the social network, Facebook administrators are preparing a new section in the mobile application, where we can find out and even impose a time limit on the network

More than just a general timer, the suggestion page "Your Time on Facebook" shows the type of activity measured in minutes for at least the last seven days of using the app. Also from here, an alert can be set to exceed the pre-set time limit set by the user.

Although it seems counterintuitive that Facebook, a company whose business model involves attracting as many participants as possible into its own service universe, is worried about the time it is wasting for users, changing attitudes is the result of a promise made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year. With the "time well spent" initiative, Zuckerberg suggested that the social networking will change its strategy to help users discover as much relevant content as possible, instead supporting more interactions with other Facebook users

However, the new section does not say anything about how to use the application or the "significance" for users of their experiences.

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