Facebook will begin blocking access for users who are not the minimum age for social networking

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Facebook administrators are starting to take their own social networking rules seriously, especially in view of those suspected members who are too young to be on Facebook. Where there are doubts about the actual age of the user, Facebook will ask the user to show that the age stated in the account registration is correct by providing a copy of an official document.

after a television report from the United States published a report documenting the experience of a committed journalist as a Facebook content reviewer. He has shown how Facebook knowingly ignores the child protection laws in the online environment, forgiving cases where they claim they are older than they really are in order to have their own social networking account.

If so far, Facebook investigates the real age of a person only if that account was reported by other users, now the approach will be a preventive one, Facebook employees continuously analyzing suspicious accounts. When there are indications of the actual age of the user, that account will be blocked until the person concerned demonstrates with an official document (eg Identity Card) that he or she has reached the minimum age of 13 years specified in the terms of use of the Facebook network. The measure also applies to the Instagram network.

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