Facebook will delete posts identified as promoting misinformation and incitement to violence

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The "black ambulance" episode that "kidnaps children for organs" has repeated itself in several regions of the world, with false information spread across Social Networks, Facebook in the first place

Already soldiers of violence and loss of life, the misinformation campaigns propagated on Facebook are finally taken seriously by social network administrators who announce the modification of the posting rules to ban this

Under the new rules, Facebook will be able to remove reported posts for misleading content distribution and false, created and distributed content with the intention of acts of violence and physical aggression. Both text messages and posts that include manipulated clips or images to induce a particular message will be subject to checks. Once identified, non-compliant posts will be deleted in full, along with any duplicate versions created and distributed in parallel.

The reported posts will be analyzed in partnership with local organizations designated by Facebook as being in a position to evaluate better the level of danger

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