Facebook will display ads in the Stories section


Even if Facebook Stories has not even reached the popularity of the similar feature in the Instagram network, it will not stop Facebook from trying to get profit from it.

According to statistics provided by social network administrators, Facebook Stories is frequented by approximately 150 million users every day, enough to justify their targeting with advertisements

For the time being at the testing stage, the ads displayed in the Facebook Stories section take the form of 15-second video clips that we can jump right after the initial view.

First seen by users in Brazil, the videos will eventually be accompanied by links to the promoted product page, just like ads already shown on the Instagram network. In fact, companies interested in promoting the Facebook network will be able to easily migrate video ads already distributed on Instagram.

Given that the Stories section is about to exceed News Feed in terms of posts, Facebook's decision to enter ads into this category could have a significant impact on revenue. It's just to be seen if the ad will no longer be appeasing users' appetite for Facebook Stories posts.

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