Facebook will enter "Clear History" option in the coming months

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Confirmed by Faceboook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the new feature called Clear History will allow users to remove the history of their social networking activities, just as they would with their browsing history stored in the web browser

Using as an example the same name available in web browsers, Zuckerberg has promised that it will allow the removal of collected data about Facebook users upon request using a single easy-to-access setting. Using this option will allow you to remove your entire browsing history on the Facebook network as well as data about activities that go beyond its borders, such as websites you've visited over time.

The first goal of Clear History is directly linked to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, giving users the ability to permanently remove information about the applications and sites they've been interacted with. Moreover, they will be able to view the collected information and opt to stop associating this type of information with the user account.

According to Facebook administrators, collecting information is essential to give users the best experience in social networking, removing collected data making it impossible to customize certain aspects and synchronize with sites that support Facebook integration. For example, users will need to authenticate separately on each visited website and adjust some previously personalized settings again.

At the promise stage, Clear History may take several months to implement, the process involving collaboration with academics and representatives of competent authorities.

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