Facebook will "shrink" fake news, hoping fewer users will notice

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The strategy of combating fake news with links to verified news sources has had unexpected effects, labeling them explicitly reinforcing the beliefs of those who believe in conspiracy theories, motivating them to distribute them further

Instead of attracting even more attention to fake news posts by attributing labels and contradictory links, Facebook will try to leave them as visible as possible in the hope that they will go unnoticed in the News Feed

Pre-reported by other users or automatically labeled with artificial intelligence, fake news posts will only appear with a brief description of the referenced content and a thumbnail of the attached image. In parallel, Facebook runs a campaign to remove bogus accounts and punish pages that distribute fake news, blocking the use of advertisements as a means of financing

According to the company, the measures taken so far have reduced the spread of false news by over 80%. But the phenomenon can not be stopped altogether without risking controversy and accusations of restricting free access to information, some of the users actively promoting this type of content, as long as they resonate their own beliefs

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