Facing extreme poverty, Argentine citizens are turning to Facebook groups to make food and goods of strict necessity

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With a bankrupt national economy and a banknote that does not value the paper on which it is printed, Argentina returns to the medieval practice of the troc with general goods, adapted to the context of the 21st century

Despite material shortages, a large proportion of the Argentine population still has or has access to mobile phones and the Internet, where they can look for solutions to secure goods of strict necessity, such as food and medicine. Thus, the public market is replaced by barter clubs hosted on the Facebook network, where illustrated goods with images are transferred by direct negotiation in exchange for other consumer goods

Barter groups have emerged in the years of crisis, but taking the conventional form in public markets. The huge popularity enjoyed by the Facebook network in Argentina and its support for the sale and exchange of goods leave the poorest of the residents an extra chance to survive in a deep crisis

More and more, barter groups are frequented at any time by "hundreds" of people who do not have a stable job and income, willing to offer certain goods for exchange for food, detergents and other goods they need immediately.

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