Fanta 4 with augmented reality music video for iPhone

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The Fant Astonishing Four were not just testimonials for Nintendo’s Wii, and they enjoy playing pinball games, but they also seem to have an interest in augmenting reality. Instead of just singing about it, the musicians preferred to make an augmented reality music video and publish it on the App Store.

AR Tunnel for the Fantastic Four

The App ” Tunnel AR “Uses iOS 11 and Apple ARKit. You can use it to enjoy the music video. Or you can use the included virtual drill bit to create chaos in the “Destruction Mode” in your environment. From this action you can make a video and share it on social networks.

The Song Tunnel was released on February 16 as a single. It comes from the album Captain Fantastic, which will be available from April 27.

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Tunnel AR

Developer: GmbH

Making of Tunnel AR

At least as exciting as the music video itself is the genesis process. According to Smudo, the search to always do something new is also a birth defect of the Fanta 4. Therefore, the AR music video is more like a kind of art installation to understand. Among other things, the musicians have used Apple’s face recognition technology to make their own virtual images sing.

If you want to know how the very special music video came along, then post the Fantastic Four on your YouTube channel and after little making-of-snacks for video shooting. Two parts have already appeared. In the first one, director Lars Timmermann has a say, in the second, Julian Weiss, the producer of Tunnel AR.

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