FBI arrested a former Apple engineer who tried to steal the company's technology for autonomous cars

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What happens when you steal the secrets of the largest technology company and try to give them competition? Well, Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple engineer, found this on his skin when he was arrested by the FBI in an attempt to leave the United States to return to his new XMotors job with many project documents Secret of Apple: Autonomous Machines

Xiaolang Zhang committed to Apple in 2015 to work exclusively on developing autonomous machines within the company . Though it is not clear at what stage this project is, the information available at the moment suggests that Apple has more than one independent machine in the street tests than industry-leading and more experienced companies like Wyamo or Uber

Zhang, a citizen of China took his post-natal leave this spring, when he actually received a hiring offer from XMotors, a Chinese start-up who wants to develop cars electrical autonomy. His departure began to raise questions when he began to offer various reasons for his departure by telling his colleagues that he was returning to China to his sick mother, and that he was not returning from "leave" because he is committed to XMotors.

This contradictory information was enough to trigger an internal investigation that revealed that in March and April, when he was supposed to be on vacation, he went to Apple's headquarters and downloaded on his laptop computer on his wife's secret information about the autonomous driving technology that he helped to develop.

It was intercepted by the FBI at Mineta San Jose Airport when attempted to leave the US to China with a ticket bought at the last minute. Zhang initially denied the allegations, but acknowledged the facts shortly after he was presented with the filming and proofs he placed at Apple's headquarters during the leave, something that contradicts the company's internal policies. After his wife's computer was verified, it was found that about 60% of the data he had "stolen" was "problematic."

It's not clear at the moment what kind of punishment Xiaolang Zhang will bear, but one thing is clear: Apple is not playing when it comes to technology theft

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