FBI could not unlock fewer iPhones

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As a regular reader of Mac Life, you might still remember. In recent years, the FBI has often publicly stated that it can not unlock Apple’s iPhone. As a result, criminal cases can not be resolved.

FBI Mistakes

The FBI often spoke loosely of “thousands” of devices. Last year, the FBI director Cristopher Wray specified the number. He spoke of a total of 7,800 iPhones that his agency could not unlock in 2017.

But now comes out. This number is not correct. The Washington Post reports instead that it was only about 1,200 devices.

An error in the algorithm

How does this drastic miscalculation occur? The FBI already has a first statement ready for it. The wrong calculation is passed on to programming errors. Significantly more devices have been counted in different databases than actually possible.

Requests for Backdoor

This makes demands for a backdoor in iOS appear in a distinctly different light. The came up in 2016, for example, when you can not unlock the iPhone of the companion of a gunman. The terrorist attack occurred in San Bernadino in December 2015.

Later it turned out that the FBI spent a lot of money to unlock the device but found little or no usable information on it.

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