The new apps, which were specially developed for the Federal Police, are supposed to make it possible for civil servants in Germany for the first time to check identification documents with a smartphone and read out the electronic chips in ID cards or passports.

For this task, the police only have to take a picture of the machine-readable text line on the document. The app automatically checks whether the controlled person is on a wanted list. At the moment, police officers have to ring the control center and pass on all the data, which is then typed by an official into the search program of the computer during a person control. This takes a long time, is prone to errors and provides for an immense amount of personnel, which actually should not be.

The new app will in the future also have a protected chat program for police officers. For the use of the app in the next few years 9000 smartphones of the type Samsung S6 and S7 for the Federal Police to be purchased. The unit price should be around 300 euros. Apparently Apple did not have a happy hand - their smartphones are more expensive apart from outdated equipment by the bank. The iPhone SE costs at least 409 euros.

The situation is different in New York. New York Police Department (NYPD) officials are now ready to use a new implement. You can choose from the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus. The smartphones are said to support the police in their service and replace outdated Nokia devices with Windows Phone. First, Manhattan officials receive their new smartphone.


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