Fingerprint sensor not in display of Galaxy Note 9

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo corrects himself. In Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, there will be no fingerprint sensor in the display. Originally, KGI Securities had reported that the Korean company would be presenting a device in the third quarter of 2018.

Suppliers Can not Deliver

Samsung apparently would like to incorporate such a solution into its smartphones. But the technology is not yet playing.

The company is dissatisfied with the quality offered. Qualcomm is to supply the ultrasound technology. Synaptics, Goodix, Egis and even Samsung’s subsidiary LSI would provide the technologies for optical detection. However, the bottom line is that their products are not yet ready to deliver a satisfactory result.

External influences affect detection rate

Both environmental factors such as temperature and solar radiation and screen protectors would increase the detection rate of fingerprint sensors In the display partly massive restrict.

Nevertheless, Samsung would not give up the idea. That’s why KGI remains optimistic about the future. An introduction of the fingerprint sensor in the display would now take place however at the earliest in the first quarter of 2019.

Fingerprint sensor come to stay?

KGI believes that the fingerprint sensor is not affected by face recognition in the long run

Also, solutions built into the display would support the idea of ​​a rimless smartphone. In addition, the cost of the new sensors would be four to six times higher than current capacitive solutions. This, in turn, would sooner or later be reflected in the suppliers’ turnover.

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