Finney, the technology-based blockchain, will be launched in 2018

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Finney, the blockchain technology announced a year ago by Sirin Labs is now one step closer to becoming reality. The phone now has a release date set for November this year, a list of updated specifications, some images describing the phone in detail and an exclusive capability: a secondary display dedicated to cryptomonade transactions

The new Finney is the second device proposed by Sirin Labs its first device called Solarin, a model that has not reached the market, probably because of the over-priced 14,000-dollar price. In Finney's case, we are dealing with a price of $ 1,000, a price brought down by the partnership with Foxconn, who will handle hardware production.

In terms of design, Finney borrows some concepts from modern smartphones featuring a cut-out display on the top, a premium construction and a secondary display with a slider at the top that benefits from its own firmware . Here all transactions will be made through cryptomonas, as here is the virtual wallet. The phone benefits from a customized Android security enhancement version and comes pre-installed with a pre-installed Token Conversion Service (TCS) to automatically convert when you want to pay from your wallet with SRN Coin (Sirin Coin) in another cryptomon.

If you're wondering what the logic of wearing a virtual wallet with all the cryptomonas on a smartphone that can easily be lost, broken or stolen, Sirin officials say that these currencies should not be used in the real world. The wallet on the phone is fed as needed (like a pre-pay card), the rest of the money being kept in a safe place.

With a launch date in November 2018 and a promotional contract signed with FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi this could be the year when blockbuster fans could get bigger. Of course, these will be just the first generations, so they may evolve in yet unpredictable directions. At the moment it just looks like a normal phone, a little more expensive and with a number of extra features that would not be necessary for a regular user.

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