Firefox for iOS now comes with Tracking Protection enabled automatically


Implemented for some time in major web browsers, "Do Not Track" has been left unchecked in the Firefox version for iOS, making Apple a concession to advertisers

However, the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal changes the problem data, and Apple can not ignore the danger of over-monitoring users using the company's products. And as Mozilla has positioned itself in the avant-garde of combating companies that use the collection and sale of user data as a business model, it was only a matter of time before the privacy settings in the Firefox browser were tightened in the iOS version of the app .

Although it can still be customized for each website, the Tracking Protection setting now comes standard by default, preventing the web browsing habits from being analyzed to provide personalized ads.

The new version of Firefox for iOS also brings new features, such as support for reordering open tabs, using tap-and-hold commands. From now on, we can also use drag-and-drop commands to send links to other applications launched in split-screen mode as an alternative to the copy-paste operation. In addition, when connecting a physical keyboard, we can use the same keyboard commands available in the desktop version.

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