First Android P version available for download in Developer Preview

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Even though the Oreo version is still rarity in the Android landscape, Google is already in line with the preparation of the Android P successor.

Available for Pixel Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL series phones, Android P Developer Preview 1 is currently experimental, with many more add-ons to make to the functionality and optimization for more performance and elimination of inevitable software bugs. Unfortunately, this means you should probably avoid installing this version on your main mobile phone, incomplete functionality and stability issues affecting your usage experience too much.

Among Android P's new features are native support for so popular "bang" screens after iPhone X launch, enhanced notifications that can include pictures and previews of conversations, a new camera management API, WiFi RTT technology for accurate NFC location API API, enhanced version of neural processing API libraries, native support for compressed video content playback using HDR VP9 Profile 2. The list continues with improvements to the auto-fill feature.

According to the release schedule, Google will launch Android P Developer Preview 2 in May with functionality closer to its final form, with the first Beta release officially announced in June. If there are no other issues, the Android version P (Release Candidate) will be available for testing in July

The first devices equipped with the Android P version will be officially launched at the end of this summer.

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