First Face Sues Apple for Touch ID

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You use a smartphone that can be unlocked by putting the fingerprint on one appropriate area of ​​the device? As it has been possible for some years on the iPhone and iPad? Then you allegedly use this system unjustly.

First Face sues in the US

That’s what the Korean company First Face claims. The application was allegedly received by the District Court in Northern California (San Jose) on April 10. However, at the time of publication of these articles, the relevant documents were not found on the web pages of the court.

Is Capital Enterprises A Patent Troll?

In a report by Business Korea, First Face is described as ” “Venture company”. This, according to Roger Fingas, is a term used by the business magazine only for companies that are considered to be patents

First Face purchases more or less only patents to later enforce patent infringements in court. The company does not itself offer any patent-pending products or participate in its research and development. However, in this particular case, First Face claims that unlocking the fingerprint without the invention of one of the company’s directors, Jung Jae-lark, would not be possible.

Apple Should Have Declined License Agreement

This and the other CEO, Shim Young-tack, are working with US lawyer Lee Jae-gyu in this case. The process would only strained because Apple has rejected an offer for a license agreement. However, this is said to have been submitted by First Face to the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino.

The alleged patent company also holds patents in some countries that cover the field of facial and iris recognition. But there are still no suitable complaints.

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