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The watch did not make me a marathon runner, but rather it has become a gadget for me l in mindfulness and health.

Apple uses well-trained marathon runners, slender joggers, and other people who are obviously passionate about fitness and sports in advertising its smartwatch bestsellers. But in reality, many Apple Watch wearers look quite different: desk instead of studio, raccoon instead of washboard stomach, computer instead of winter games – as well as with me the case. But even far from sports and sweat, the Apple Watch can help to improve fitness and health.

The Apple Watch is now available for about three years. Three years in which I learned more about myself. In fact, it was actually Apple’s computer clock that made me realize that something was wrong with me and that I had lived too unhealthily for far too long

The Apple Watch was initially of interest to me as a fitness fanatic primarily as a gadget, as a hip technology toy. Which also marginally demanded more exercise about its gamification aspects. Why not playfully lead to more exercise and fitness, because after all, funny colored rings wait every day to be closed?

When the rings do not close anymore

After the first However, the circles representing the movement, training and standing goal became less and less frequent – in particular, the fact that the number of standing hours did not complete the partout would not leave me over my hand to reflect a lack of movement. In addition, there was always a significantly increased pulse – sitting, at work, without any particular physical exertion. Unsettled by this feedback from the Watch, a series of visits to doctors finally showed that I’m suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2 – and that, despite various consequences I have ignored for some time now – but not too late.

I would have preferred to tell at this point, of course, as the Apple Watch turns bit by bit to the olympic Olympians and stalks me to always new sporting achievements – but that would simply be a lie. What the Apple Watch did, however, was and is to focus my attention more on my dealings with myself, especially the lack of movement in my life.

A small piece of change

Meanwhile, I try more variety to bring more vitality into my (working) everyday life. Although I do not always succeed, but in the knowledge of terminology, such as the metabolic syndrome and the “sitting sickness” (sitting is well known and probably right to the new smoking), I write the Apple Watch actually, my life a little bit changed, if not the bottom line to have even extended – more fitness and health in a roundabout way so to speak. I still do not run a marathon, but to be on the move for at least a minute for twelve hours a day, I’m getting pretty good by now.

Stefan Molz

Stefan Molz has been writing for Mac Life for more than ten years. He has a weakness for play, fun and chocolate – not so much for sports.

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